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Changelog (Nur auf Englisch)

New Functions in v. 1.3.x

+ Guitar Toolbox improvements


+ Added export playlist functionality (to m3u playlist format)

+ Fixed exception/error sending (was needed after server migration)

+ Opening the lyrics from the Guitar Toolbox was not jumping to the lyrics tab
+ Exiting the fullscreen mode, restores now back to window or maximized mode (depending on the state it was before entering fullscreen mode)

+ Removed the Band In Town connect, as it was not easily possible to move to the new version of the service
     - Basically some functions are not longer available and I did not yet find a workaround

+ SWP-00342 - Playback sometimes stops when changing to the next song
     - 2st Step: added more log entries to analyze

+ Temporary disabled BandsInTown API (old API was shut down) - waiting for BandsInTown to reimplement the event request functionality into their new API version (I'm subscribed as beta tester)
+ Minor UI Fixes
+ Fixed exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00344 - SoundWave - Exception - File Explorer select item crash

+ SWP-00342 - Playback sometimes stops when changing to the next song
     - 1st Step: added more log entries to analyze
+ Temporary fix for the BandsInTown API - waiting for BandsInTown to reimplement the event request functionality into their new API version (I'm subscribed as beta tester)
+ Fixed exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00340 - SoundWave - Exception - album cover used by another process
     - SWP-00339 - SoundWave - Exception - FirstStart Window Issue

+ Minor UI improvements

+ SWP-00337 - SoundWave - Request - VRO files have the wrong aspect ratio
     - Not easy to fix - but you can now change the aspect ratio rendering setting for each video and it will be stored, if the media item is in the database
+ Minor UI improvements
+ Fixed exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00335 - SoundWave - Exception - Video files with multiple tracks with the same display name
     - SWP-00336 - SoundWave - Exception - Exchange Album Cover
     - SWP-00338 - SoundWave - Exception - Crash in the UI Management

+ SWP-00333 - Long SoundWave startup time after Window 10 update
+ SWP-00334 - Guitar Toolbox: Crash on playback due to the calls on the NAudio classes

+ Added more informations to the exception mails and logfile mails send by the users
+ Fixed exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00329 - SoundWave - Exception - Currupted Installation

+ New functions for the Guitar Toolbox
+ Fixed exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00326 - SoundWave - Exception - Guitar Toolbox could not be initialized

+ Fixed multiple exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00319 - SoundWave - Exception - Guitar Toolbox - Output device error
     - SWP-00323 - SoundWave - Exception - Guitar Toolbox - Crash
     - SWP-00325 - SoundWave - Exception - Open URL error is crashing the application
+ SWP-00321 - Editing tags (of the media which is currently playing), while the guitar toolbox is open, is not possible
+ SWP-00306 - Guitar Toolbox - places twice the songs
+ Guitar Toolbox - stick output device to default device
+ Added some missing translations

+ Fixed multiple exceptions send in by users
     - SWP-00313 - SoundWave Exception - UserControlHelper.SetListViewFocus()
     - SWP-00314 - SoundWave Exception - VLCPlayer.GetSubTitleDescriptions()
     - SWP-00318 - SoundWave Exception - UI Exception
+ Changed application error reporting - EMail subject changed

+ SWP-00317 - Fix for changes in the LastFM cover API

+ SWP-00303 - DAC - Application is not associated with its appropriate utilized file types (Windows Store Version)
+ SWP-00302 - DAC - Application becomes unresponsive when adding large directories of files
+ SWP-00297 - Music hangs when changing to new entry in playlist
+ SWP-00307 - Delete Playlist - hangs when the startup loading playlist is still running
+ Fix for opening files with SoundWave from the Explorer, while SoundWave is already open
+ Performance improvements for switching to the Playlist Manager tab
+ Minor DB performance improvements
+ Minor UI improvements

+ SWP-00299 - Update libVLC to 2.2.6
+ Fixed opening lyrics from the guitar toolbox, jumps to the "Bands in Town" tab
+ Fixed exception in the logfiles from the database
+ Fixed wrong handling of guitar toolbox playback (mixing of the pitch stream)

+ SWP-00294 - ListView double click issue: fast deleting items from list, causes a double click event on the item to be fired (starts playback)
+ SWP-00289 - Video playback issues
     - Crash on video playback
+ Small UI-fixes

+ SWP-00289 - Video playback issues
     - Wrong colors and strange strips with some videos
+ SWP-00293 - Installer: Special Characters in german licence file are not displayed correct
+ Setup script cleanup
+ Small bugfixes

+ SWP-00285 - Bands in Town - Show search radius in km/miles (Settings Window)
+ Global key binding in combination with focus on a text box created problems
     - Input of capital "G" into a textbox is not working (switching Guitar Toolbox on/off)
+ Removed DirectX 9 requirement for video playback
+ Changed the icon theme to "Paper"
+ SWP-00289 - Video playback issues
     - Wrong aspect ratio if user enables/disables the guitar toolbox
+ Many small bugfixes for UI and functionality

+ Upgrade to .Net 4.6.1 Framework
+ Preparation for the Windows-Apps - Microsoft Store release
+ Global key binding in combination with focus on a text box created problems

+ SWP-00283 - Bands In Town - Notifications should be able to turn off
+ SWP-00284 - Bands In Town - Notifications Window - Bands should have unique color, so they can be easily identified
+ UI Fixes for settings window
+ UI Fixes for Bit Recommentation Window

+ Added licence.txt to installation folder
+ UI Fixes for about window
+ Misc Bugfixes

+ UI Fixes for settings window

+ SWP-00282 - BIT - Improvements
     - Ignore function for recommented events
     - Ignore events from one band/artist for 3 month in the recommented window
+ Misc UI Bugfixes

+ SWP-00281 - Bug: Add album from the Album Browser with Special Chars is not working
+ Misc UI Bugfixes

SWP-00279 - Bands In Town implementation
     - Display upcoming events for the artist/bands
     - Notify about my favorite bands
+ Stoping and then starting the playback again (with shuffle off), will resume with the last song (or next song, if ofer 50% was already played)
+ Different user interface fixes

+ Bugfix for the Guitar Toolbox
     - If media was stopped and the user activated the Guitar Toolbox, it started playing in another thread

+ SWP-00275 - Jump List - Loading best off or playlist via Jump List, is not working, if SoundWave was not running before
+ SWP-00276 - List Handling with keyboard
     - removing items will reset the focus to the first element in the list - now it stays where it was before
+ Some minor improvements and bugfixes

+ Corrected the internal EMail address for logfiles sending

+ SWP-00271 - Play next song in playlist, after restart
     - Some adjustments
+ Fix for the Pitch-Tuner

+ SWP-00225 - New Logo
+ Album Cover loading - fixed System.IO.IOException, which caused Covers not to be loaded.
+ SWP-00252 - After Update the current playlist is lost -Reopened-
     - With the new playlist save logic, we re-implemented this bug :-(
+ SWP-00271 - Play next song in playlist, after restart
     - Remember last song, if shuffle is off, and go to the next song after restart
+ Added some missing translations

+ Fixed track sorting for the "Favorits"->"New Addad" list
+ Bugfix for saving the default playlist and SoundWave wasn't shutting down correctly
+ Fixed cut of text in the About Window
+ Fixes for the JumpList -Reopened-

+ Fixes for the JumpList

+ SWP-00268 - Playlist - after restart, the last entries in the default playlist are missing
     - Not yet fixed - just extented the logging to find the error
+ New Keyboard shortcuts
     - Volume Up (CTRL + Up)
     - Volume Down (CTRL + Down)
+ SWP-00269 - Adding or replacing a playlist should give feedback how many files were added
+ Bugfixes

+ SWP-00100 - GuitarToolbox
     - Pitch Shift (BETA!!!)
     - Fixes for the looper
+ Some small fixes
+ About window now shows the license information (also 3rd party)

+ Update to libVLC 2.2.4
+ SWP-00263 - Playlist - after restart, the last entries in the default playlist are missing
+ SWP-00264 - Taskbar Buttons - add volume control

+ SWP-00262 - Playlist Handling: Improvements
     - Saving playlist should not be "killed" on exit
     - Updating playlist in the database is blocking all other database actions

+ SWP-00252 - After Update the current playlist is lost - this time it is happening again, but then it's never going to happen again
+ SWP-00251 - playback of some mp3 is not working properly
+ SWP-00259 - System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
+ Improved Dialog handling
     - Window z-index / Modal Dialog Windows fixed
     - Added default "Cancel" action to all dialogs
     - Added "Close" button to Changelog Window
+ Minor UI bugfixes

+ SWP-00257 - type along - CTRL+V for the filter controls is not working (if the control does not have the focus)
+ "Save Playlist" locked the database access for all other threads
+ SWP-00258 - Guitar Toolbox: New Keyboard shortcuts
     - Lopper: start here (SHIFT + Left)
     - Lopper: end here (SHIFT + Right)
     - Looper: remove start (SHIFT + Up)
     - Looper: remove end (SHIFT + Down)

+ SWP-00254 - Save Playlist Problems
     - no update in the UI if a new list is saved
     - start-up sorting is wrong

+ Some bugfixes

+ SWP-00249 - Update to libVLC 2.2.2
+ SWP-00250 - Sub Title Name is not displayed in the dropdown
+ SWP-00200 - Playlist: automatically save playlist if changed or replaced
     - finally got it working again - hopefully!?
+ Changed the icon for the "Restart and Reset" in the Guitar Toolbox
+ New Keyboard Shortcuts
     - GuitarToolbox on/off
     - GuitarToolbox enabled: Speed Up
     - GuitarToolbox enabled: Speed Down
+ Update the icon font (Font Awesome 4.5)
+ Added "Search on Google" button to the MediaInfo dialog
+ Added "Search on Google" button to the MediaControlArea (bottom of the app) to search for the currently palying title
+ GuitarToolbox: Search for tabs now also works for video files
+ GuitarToolbox: Fixed looper - if the end was set to the end of the song, then the player was jumping to the next media (instead of looping)
+ Some bugfixes

+ SWP-00248 - New Keyboard Shortcuts
     - fast forward 10 seconds
     - rewind 10 seconds
     - restart song

+ SWP-00244 - "submit logfiles" function in the advanced settings tab
+ SWP-00245 - Submit new feature request or bug - button in the menubar
+ ignored one irrelevantly exception, which was written to the logfile (makes the error finding easier)
+ the log level is now written to the logfile (makes the error finding easier)
+ added debug logging for the media playback (makes the error finding easier)

+ Fixed the button layout in the MediaInfo Window
+ Corrected keyboard shortcut list (presentation mode had the wrong shortcut listed)
+ SWP-00242 - Add Complete Album - not working for special characters

+ Corrected some wordings in the German UI
+ SWP-00240 - Create Database problem - System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException
+ SWP-00241 - Explorer View - Sorting by date is not longer working (we now use the local date format)

+ Added the German language to the setup file
+ SWP-00239 - Album Browser - Album Details - Backspace and mouse back button should return to the overview
+ Fixed the database create scheduler and check process

+ Added source code line numbers to the logfile (when printing stack traces)
+ Corrected two exception while loading a lyric in the MediaInfo Window

+ Spelling corrections and some more translations which where missed

+ SWP-00236 - WindowMediaInfo - Loading Lyrics Exception
+ SWP-00235 - better error reporting when an exception happens
+ SWP-00237 - Double click from the windows explorer should show
+ Did some more translations for which we missed...
+ Added a "Delete update file" button to the advanced tab in the settings

+ SWP-00233 - playlist sorting - scroll if you are at the top or bottom of the visible list
+ SWP-00131 - Drag&Drop from Soundwave to other applications
+ SWP-00231 - Cover Change - added "search internet for cover" button
+ SWP-00234 - Sorting options for the playlist
+ SWP-00232 - curly bracket are not saved in the playlist
+ SWP-00230 - Performance/Memory Improvements
     - Album Cover load
     - Reload of the searches
+ SWP-00228 - Prepare for localisation of the UI
+ UI cleanups/fixes
+ fixed flashing in all "search views" - reload on filter entry change
+ many bugfixes

+ SWP-00022 - implement Remote Control / Media Key Keyboard Buttons
+ SWP-00116 - if playlist is empty show info for the user
+ SWP-00200 - Playlist: automatically save playlist if changed or replaced
     - Auto Save is not triggered correct
+ SWP-00227 - Change Design / Color while the program is running
+ SWP-00154 - improve First Start Wizzzard
     - Add design and color selection to it
+ Improved album cover loading speed and memory usage in the album browser
+ Bugfixes

+ SWP-00220 - Windows 8/10 GUI Accent Colors
     - Added differnt Color designs
+ SWP-00223 - Use Font Icons for the Symboles (Font Awesome)
+ Big cleanup of the Source Code
+ Memory usage optimized (clean start of the app with a big database - from 250 MB reduced to 190 MB)
+ Optimized LastFM image download

+ SWP-00220 - Windows 8/10 GUI Accent Colors
+ SWP-00224 - Exception Dialog is not working
+ Big cleanup of the Source Code
+ Cleanup installer
+ Optimized UpdateChecker.exe (update process)
+ some bugfixes

+ SWP-00222 - Add "complete Album" is not always working - another exception

+ Fixed installation problems on some computers (".Net 4.5.1 is not installed" - but it was installed)
+ If the user denies the update, he is now asked if he wants to delete the setup file. Can be used if the setup file is corrupted or won't install.
+ SWP-00100 - GuitarToolbox
     - The current playback speed is shown in the guitar toolbox
     - The user can now reset the speed trainer to start from the beginning again
+ updated to VLC 2.2.1

+ SWP-00221 - Add "complete Album" is not always working

+ XAML cleanup and setting SnapsToDevicePixels="true" for all windows
+ Fixed the lastFM cover download - now it will automatically select the best album cover quality --- again

+ Fixed date format exceptions
+ Fixed installer problems

+ Added the Artist Name to the "Media Info" window title
+ Fixed the lastFM cover download - now it will automatically select the best album cover quality

+ SWP-00100 - GuitarToolbox
+ SWP-00217 - Add "Lyrics" and "Guitar Tab Search" to Guitar Toolbox
+ updated to VLC 2.2.0
+ SWP-00218 - Extended Favorites Search Options
+ The window title is now set to the current played media item
+ SWP-00219 - Shortplaylist: improvements
     - add/remove multi files from the playlist to the short playlist by right click
     - add files to the beginning of the short playlist
     - next preview - add short playlist should add item before auto generated entries
+ Sorting in the "Favorites - New added" view is now sorted by date, artist, album, track, title
+ SWP-00215 - DB creation - optimization
     - improved the creation of the full database
+ SWP-00213 - "I'm feeling Lucky" playlist generation (Smart Playlist Generator)
+ SWP-00200 - Playlist: automatically save playlist if changed or replaced
     - Remember Name of Loaded List - prefill the save field

+ SWP-00212 - UI Improvements
     - Rename "Now Playing" to "Current Playlist"
     - Album Browser - Detail View - Layout
+ SWP-00214 - Album Browser: Direct Play Button from the Overview
+ SWP-00209 - Album Browser: Cover Load does not trigger a refresh
+ SWP-00210 - Album Browser: Scrollbars are wrong after first start
+ SWP-00200 - Playlist: automatically save playlist if changed or replaced
     - some bugfixes and improvements
+ SWP-00215 - DB creation - optimization
     - Auto DB create can be turned off in the settings
     - User can configure the days the Auto DB create runs

+ Fixed "Current Playing" highlighting
+ Added "Remove All" button to the "What is next" preview

+ SWP-00208 - "What is next": sort the values by drag & drop

+ SWP-00190 - More/Better Lyric provider
     - added LoloLycris as provider
+ SWP-00184 - Playlist: search inside the playlists
+ SWP-00193 - "What is next" preview implemented
+ SWP-00200 - Playlist: automatically save playlist if changed or replaced
+ SWP-00206 - UI: Text is cut off - instead it should be trimmed
+ SWP-00206 - UI: Text is cut off - instead it should be trimmed
+ SWP-00201 - Keyboard: Display Keyboard Layout as list - popup in the right upper corner
+ SWP-00207 - JumpList: add more options

+ Added DirectX webinstaller to setup
+ SWP-00196 - Setup: silent update installation
+ SWP-00197 - Setup: autostart after update
+ SWP-00195 - Setup: unpin old link in the taskbar (binary was renamed)
+ SWP-00185 - Setup: set icons for the different media types
+ SWP-00204 - MetaInfo is not loaded if Info dialog is not opened from the playlist view
+ SWP-00199 - Drag&Drop into Soundwave error
+ SWP-00203 - Shortplaylist: numbers are not updated when one is manually removed
+ SWP-00205 - Double-Click on presentation modus is hiding the complete UI
+ SWP-00198 - Shortplaylist: add multiple entries to the short playlist with the context menu

+ SWP-00164 - Remove from playlist does not update short playlist
+ SWP-00161 - new playlist - same song twice
+ SWP-00158 - Exception reading from Network drive
+ SWP-00171 - Soundwave Exception
+ Database will not delete entries just mark them as "not found" - useful for USB drives and network shares
+ Open Folder - problem with special characters fixed
+ Now the user can configure up to 100 Media Folders
+ added refresh button to the FileBrowser view
+ SWP-00167 - Select and Copy Text
+ Added Media Type ComboBox filter to the Favorite View
+ Fixed "Add complete Album" function (special characters, ...)
+ SWP-00168 - Lyric Provider - select which source should be displayed
+ updated to VLC 2.1.5
+ SWP-00163 - ListViewDragDropManager Exception
+ Upgraded to VS 2013 and .Net 4.5.1
+ SWP-00178 - "Add all from Album" - search also by name - "Greatest Hits" for example adds different interprets
+ SWP-00181 - Allow to search by multiple criteria like album AND artist
+ SWP-00180 - Album Browser - single click to open
+ SWP-00183 - Search by years: also use between 2000 and 2010 or list by semicolon separation
+ SWP-00172 - new playlist handling (save in database and migrate old list to database)
+ SWP-00165 - Open last and new playlists from the Windows Taskbar - JumpList
+ SWP-00155 - implement WrapPanel
+ SWP-00176 - CD Browser list
+ SWP-00179 - Cleanup Architecture
+ SWP-00189 - missing sound with mpg files
+ SWP-00186 - videos are not displayed on some machines - black screen
+ SWP-00191 - Search for Guitar Tabs
+ SWP-00192 - Album Cover handling - store in profile folder and not besides the audio file
+ SWP-00147 - setting the volume on app startup

+ some small bugfix
+ SWP-00151 Database Problem - fixed the date fields
+ SWP-00134 speedup the application start
     - restore window position - direct create window in this position
+ SWP-00157 MessageBox - switch button placement / layout optimized
+ SWP-00152 Display LastPlayDate, DBAddDate and FileCreateDate in the Media-Info Window
+ SWP-00156 Leaving Fullscreen with mouse swipe down - sorting of the list is triggered
+ SWP-00159 Improve Changelog dialog layout
+ Removed isFocusable from the CoverFlow Browser Container

+ Updated vlcLib to 2.1.2
+ added drag & drop moving of media items to the playlist
+ Fixed a UI refresh problem with the resize animation
+ Better keyboard support for the filebrowser

+ Mouse Back / Forward is now working in the FileBrowser
+ FileBrowser - scroll to the top when opening a new subfolder
+ Stopped the playback before closing all the file handles and cleaning up
+ Fixed the short playlist UI interaction - numbers where displayed wrong to the user
+ CleandUp Exception Dialog
+ Some UI-Color Adjustments
+ Improved keyboard handling
+ Add more keyboard shortcuts
     - STRG and P = Previous
     - STRG and N = Next
     - STRG and + = Fast Forward
     - STRG and - = Rewind
+ Added Tooltips
+ SettingsWindow: regrouped the Media Player settings
+ Cover Loading for albums with mixed interprets (Soundtracks, ...) fixed
+ Added current version number to changelog window
+ Settings are directly saved to hard disk, when the setting window is closed

Pre Release 0.2.0.x


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