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The SoundWave MediaPlayer

SoundWave MediaPlayer

A new kind of Media Player - just for fun :-)

SoundWave is Freeware, so give it a try.

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last update: September 22 2019

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"There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works."

(Alan J. Perlis)


& Usable

We will bring your music library
to new glory!

SoundWave MediaPlayer will perfectly
adopt your Windows 8 and 10 look.
But it also runs fine on Windows 7.

It comes with 4 different "flavors"
from which you can choose your favorite.


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Windows 7 Features

SoundWave uses the Jump List to let you access the latest playlists or simply play the "Best of last 6 months".

We also added Thumbnail Toolbar Buttons for quick control of your music.

Guitar Toolbox

Guitar Toolbox

The perfect side-kick for every Musician

SoundWave comes with a build-in Guitar Toolbox.

You can change the playback speed of your song without changing the pitch. You can also add comments like "Drop-D Tuning" or other important information. All these will be stored in the local database and automatically restored, if you activate the Guitar Toolbox.

Looper and Speed Trainer

You can activate the Looper to practice a special part of the song. And if you also set the Speed Trainer to start at 70% and go to 110%, then it will be easy for you to master it.

Pitch Tuning

The Pitch Tuner is now also working :-)

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System Requirments

SoundWave is tested with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The installer will check for .Net 4.6.1 and ask you to download and install it, if it was not found.

Everything else is coming with the install package.

Download v.
last update: September 22 2019

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